2012 Edition

In the first edition ‘SHORT on WORK’ 2012, twelve videos have been selected.

First place: ‘2033‘ by Silvia Bencivelli and Chiara Tarfano

Second place: ‘Dreams from the bin‘, by Antonella Deplano and Stefano Ricci

Mentioned video:
Con la testa, con le mani by Stefano Mazza and Maddalena Vianello
Teresina Barbiere‘ by Marta Zen
Shaping Gods‘ by Jurgen Schaflechner
Il legno che canta‘ by Emilio Corradini, Bianca Chiarot and Nicolò Messori

Selected Video:

Aurora‘ by Piers Sanderson
A local legend‘ by Davide Pastorello
Art of living‘ by Raphaelle Ayach
Anche le capre chattano‘ by Roberto Ciuffetelli
Cricklewood Craic‘ by Andrew Berekdar
Into deep space‘ by Anne Milne