Teresina Barbiere

by Marta Zen

Curriculum of the author
Marta Zen has worked on several documentaries and short films as a video editor. She teaches multimedia and video editing techniques. Her first project as an author as well as a director has been the full-lenght film “Barbers”, which includes as a short story the work “Teresina Barbiere”.

Teresina is the only woman registered at the Chamber of Commerce as a “barber”. She has learned the job from her step-father and she has been able to emancipate by virtue of this job. The documentary follows the last year of her activity. Teresina is not willing to abandon her clients, but her accountant gave her indications on the necessity to interrupt the job. Teresina is an excellent barber.

The main quality of this work is paid by the strength and the truthfulness of the character, together with the dynamism in the shooting and in the editing processes. Spectators can follow the protagonist while she works and speaks with her customers, so to clearly perceive the “colours” of her job. There is a big effort to present the ancient wisdom inherent to old professions and to compare it to the present mentality through the memories of a woman who describes her own experiences with the language typical of a straight story.