2020 Edition

Opening submissions: July 13, 2020
Final deadline: September 15, 2020 
Notification of results: November 15, 2020


1) Participation terms

1.1) Only audiovisual works no longer than 10 minutes can participate.
1.2) Contemporary work must be the subject of all submitted films.
1.3) Submitted works can be produced in any language, but they must contain either English or Italian subtitles in the preview version.
1.4) Submitted works must have been produced not before 1st june, 2019.
1.5) Submitted works and music must be original; in case they are not, all property rights must be paid.
1.6) There are no limits regarding the number of works that can be presented by a single applicant.

2) Selection, prizes and Panel of Judges

2.1) The Organizers of the Contest will select the best films and will promptly notify the relevant authors within 5th November 2020.
2.2) Prizes will be awarded by a Panel of Judges composed by academics and professionals in the audiovisual industry and labor issues.
2.3) The prize for the winning short film is worth 1.000 €.
2.4) The Panel of Judges reserves the exclusive right to assign prizes.
2.5) Directors reserve the right to assign special mentions; those can be awarded by specifically designated jurors, who may as well not be part of the Panel of Judges.
2.6) The selection of finalists’ film must remain confidential until the official programme of Short on Work is announced.

3) Rules for participation

3.1) The videos have to be submitted via Short Film Depot https://www.shortfilmdepot.com/en/home/festivals/details/id/64/festival/short-on-work
3.2) To register for the contest is necessary to fill the form at the following link https://shortonwork.fmb.unimore.it/sow-2020/registration-short-on-work-2020/
3.3) At the moment of notification of official selection, selected authors only will be asked to provide a link for the download of one copy of the film in .mov or .mp4 format at the highest definition without any subtitle.

4) Winners’ announcement

4.1) Winners of SHORT on WORK 2020 will be announced and awarded during an award ceremony within December 2020 at Marco Biagi Foundation.
4.2) The finalists’ films will be screened just before the ceremony. A series of related events dedicated to the exploration of film as an instrument for interdisciplinary research on work will take place on this occasion.

5) Usage of the submitted works

5.1) Directors, authors and copyright owners of the submitted works authorize the Organizers to screen the films during the award ceremony and in occasion of the related events that will take place.
5.2) Videos can be published on the Youtube channel of the contest, if the copyright owners give consent at the moment of the submission.
5.3) Directors, authors and copyright owners of the submitted works authorize the Organizers of the contest to store a copy of the film in their archive and to use it for didactic and research purposes, in any contest which is adequate for promoting and enhancing the use of films as instruments for research on contemporary work; commercial use is absolutely excluded in the protection of both the authors’ and the producers’ interests.
5.4) Participating in the contest involves full acceptance of these rules.