About Us

“Global short -video contest on contemporary work” is an international competition focused on contemporary work developed by the Marco Biagi Foundation within the Phd Course in Work, Research & Innovation of the Marco Biagi University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

The aim of the course is to promote and collect audiovisual works that focus on the contemporary labour market, in order to create an international audiovisual archive to be used for teaching and research purposes. According to the interdisciplinary approach adopted, the works focus on the labour market and depict in a very peculiar way the important transformations that have occurred in the field in the last decades, outstripping the traditional dichotomy between industrial cinema & social documentary. “Short on Work” gives preference to short videos that – by their nature – represent a new visual approach according to which the audiovisual work is a means of reflection & research and not only a documentary tool .

The project started from a research focused on audiovisual works, promoted by the Marco Biagi Foundation with the coordination of the Professor Tommaso Fabbri and with the support of Research Fellows, PhD Doctors and candidates from the PhD Course in Work, Research & Innovation.

Director: Tommaso Fabbri.
Curators: Antonella Capalbi and Eleonora Costantini.
Project’s Coordinators: Antonella Capalbi, Eleonora Costantini, Giulia Piscitelli and Carlotta Serra.
Event organizers: Filippo Damiani, Andrea Marchioni, Federica Pillo and Giorgio Risso.
Contributors:Antonella Cavallo, Sanzio Corradini, Antonella Epifanio, Paolo Orlando Ferrara, Tereza Knapp, Giovanna Manni, Alessia Pedrazzoli, Stefano Rimini, Valentina Sanna, Filippo Tantillo and Maddalena Vianello.