School Labs

The project ”Me, Myself and work” is supported by MIURand MIBACTwithin the Program for “Cinema in the Schools” that took place in April 2018  which promotes “civil growth, social integration and the development of intercultural relationships  among people through the use of cinema and audiovisual media” and fosters “the diffusion of audiovisual and film culture in the schools, as well as among students and teachers”. The activities develop in a series of workshops dedicated to contemporary workand analyse some of the main stereotypes that characterize the film industry, by resorting to documentaries collected in recent years by the Marco Biagi Foundation on the occasion of the international global short-video competition “Short on Work”.

The workshops in the schools are scheduled for October 2019: the final works will be presented at the 2019 “Short on Work” Award Ceremony at the Auditorium of the Marco Biagi Foundation on 20 November 2019. The activities will be distributed in a three-hour-meeting or in two different moments: in a one-hour meeting and in a two-hour meeting.

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Plenary session

During the plenary session the events “Me Myself & Work” and “Short on Work” will be presented. 

The participants will be asked to share their opinions – with a brief online survey – about their working future prospects and about the main stereotypes associated with work, personal skills, genre & migration. Such topics will be discussed and deconstructed trough the screening of one or more videos from the “Short on Work” archives and through a following public discussion and comment.


The participants will be split into groups of up to 6 people and will engage in one of the following role-plays:

”The job search: the interview”
“The job search:  the video CV”

Public Comment & Debate

The participants will be asked to share their comments & opinions about the experience.

Me Myself & Work : the role-plays

”The job search:  the interview” – GUIDELINES 

You’re the Personnel Manager of an engineering company which has recently renewed its production lines by introducing new automation devices. You’re looking for competent technicians, willing to work on a shift basis. Three candidates present themselves with their CVs and you choose one for a further interview. Write down 4 questions for the interview and assign the following roles to each member of the team: the Head of the Human Resources and three candidates. The Head of the HR will have to write a final evaluation report (in written form) to support a possible assumption.

“The job search:  the video CV” – GUIDELINES 

You have to respond to the job advert of a creative, newly established company that wants to make a name for itself in Modena and that is looking for a Social Media Manager. Shoot a video CV (with your cell phone) of up to 3 minutes and assign the following roles to the members of the team: one will answer the job advert, one will shoot the video and one will assist in the creation of the final product. The members of the group can collaborate during the realization of the video.