2021 Edition

9th edition

In the ninth edition of SHORT on WORK, ten short films were selected (of the approximately 200 received) from which a winner and three special mentions were chosen.

The winner of the 2021 edition of SHORT on WORK was:

‘L’Au-delà ‘ by Daniel Maurer (Switzerland, 2021)

A very attentive follow-up of the work of an occulted profession, the funeral treatment of our dead, redoubled in these times of covid. An observation treated with great dignity and sobriety of image and means, as it should be.

Special mentions
‘Toke’ by Ayuso José Antonio Álvarez (UK, USA, 2021)

The short represents the dimension of disability at work with a refined story, characterized by a wise use of photography, editing and soundtrack.

‘Je suis un poisson’ by Salomé Rouaud-Nicod (Francia, 2020)

The video shows, using the animation, something extremely realistic in the world of work: the defense of one’s identity and “nature” from professional homogenisation.

‘Porappe’ by Jesús Martínez (Spagna, 2021)

A story about the new child-workers of the web, that through a wise use of the fixed camera is able to enhance an excellent performance supported by a skillful script.

Other selected videos:
Absence, by Bo-Sheng Wu, En-Chi Chu (Taiwan, 2021)
Elephant In The Room, by Ching-Ju Yang (Taiwan, 2021)
Good Job, by Eric Bradford, Techin Chen, Virág Negyedy, Jose Alejandro Segura Mena (Francia, 2021)
Leaf, by Aliona Baranova (Bielorussia e Repubblica Ceca, 2020)
Our Narratives, by Drew Mazyck (Germania, 2021)
W(or)K, by John B Lowe (Canada, 2020)

The final award ceremony took place at the Auditorium of the Marco Biagi Foundation on Thursday December 16, 2021.