2015 Edition


In the fourth edition ‘SHORT on WORK’ 2015, twelve videos have been selected. The jury assigned two awards and three special mentions. The winners of the 2015 edition of SHORT on WORK are:

First prize:
Let’s our men dance Hiwa Aminnejad (Iran, 2015)

The short offers a not-occidental perspective about gender topics on work and underlines, with a mere use of images, the poetic, social and cultural dimension of work. It highlights the diversification and importance of relations into the ecological dimension.

Second prize:
Shift‘ by Kristina Meiton (Sweden, 2014)

A multiple and simultaneous view on different and unconnected spaces and shifts; what are the common elements among a truck driver, a bottle factory and a bakery industry? An open question that the video represent in an experimental way.

Special mentions:
Sweep‘ by Harold Chapman (United Kingdom, 2010)

The video gives voice to a daily work and finds narratives in the ordinary.
The stories of people coming from different nationalities but linked by the same job done with dignity open new, unexpected glimpses of the world.

Pistola in the city by Isabel Sadurni (USA, 2015)

Trough a subjective and unexpected perspective, the short offers an innovative view aboutthe gender identity in the workplace. It puts on the stage of the narrative a brave reaction to some gender stereotypes that affect the female figure in different social spaces, taking in a sensitive manner a (counter)trend extremely actual.

Dust, by Nayani Sandya Chandrasinghe (Sri Lanka, 2013)Judgment
Extracting gold from the sewage (to maintain the own drug addiction).
To document it you must observe very closely and at the same time maintain the necessary distance to not be involved empathically.

Other selected videos:
Cocolo ramen by Francoise Desbois
Fiddlers on the roof by Alexander Hahn
Four movementsby Raffaella Rivi
Glass Blowing by Jerome Gerlache
Non tutte le cose si consumano by Riccardo Cattapan
One Line by Sobral Manu and Fernando Calabron
Une passion d’or et de feu by Pins Sébastien

Panel of judges SHORT on WORK 2015

Tommaso M. Fabbri – Director, professor of Corporate Organization at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Nicola Dusi – Professor of semiotics at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Marina Orlandi Biagi – President of Marco Biagi Foundation
Angelo Salento – Professor of Sociology at Universiy of Salento
Bernard Ganne – Max Weber Centre, University Lyon 2
Elena Testa – National Archive of Industrial Cinema (Ivrea)
Carlo Felice Casula – Professor of history of work  at University Rome  3 – Audiovisual Archive of the Democratic and Labour Movement

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