Pistola in the city

Pistola in the city by Isabel Sadurni (USA, 2015)

Biographical note of the author
Isabel Sadurni’s films have screened internationally in top-tier festivals and on PBS. As co-founder of non- profit The 100 People Foundation, Isabel responsibilities filled the spectrum as co-producer, co-director, editor and camera on over 20 short films for which collaborated with crew in over 28 countries.

Pistola in the city tells the story of a New York economist turned burlesque dancer and shares what it’s like to play a role by day and bare it all by night

Trough a subjective and unexpected perspective, the short offers an innovative view about the gender identity in the workplace. It puts on the stage of the narrative a brave reaction to some gender stereotypes that affect the female figure in different social spaces, taking in a sensitive manner a (counter)trend, extremely, actual.