Dust by Chandrasinghe Nayani (Sri Lanka, 2013)

Biographical note of the author
 NayaniSandya Chandrasinghe, 28 years old, is a short film maker, creative writer from Kandy, Sri Lanka. He studied at Mahamaya Girls College Kandy and graduated in Arts from University of Peradeniya. At the university she studied Film & Television. After the graduation she entered to the SLF Digital Film Academy and there she directed Dust, Autumn Leaves, Numb, Dreams Weavers and Viewers.

Nazaar. His job is to collect the gold dust that washes away from the workshops of the chettis’ during the process of refining and making of jewellery. Once Nazaar has collected the gold dust for the day, he goes through a simple chemical process which separates the gold dust and makes it into a small golden nugget, useful to feed his addiction on drugs

Extracting gold from the sewage (to maintain the own addiction).
To document it you must observe very closely and at the same time maintain the distance needed to not be involved empathically.