Gruneres Gras

 Gruneres Gras by Veronika Hafner (Germany, 2014)

Biographical note of the author
Veronika Hafner was born in 1989 in Schwaben (Southern Germany). In 2013 she got her master’s degree in Psychology, German and Geography at the “Ludwig Maximilian” University in Munich. Since 2013, she has been studying film/documentary at the University of Television and Film in Munich

What a man I would be, if I had went to another school, moved to another city or taken another job? We can’t turn back time to find out. So we continue to follow our secret dreams. Because grass is always greener on the other side.

A simple  work  that  perfectly  represents  the  distance  between  the  real work,  asitis,  and  the ideal job.  A carousel of dissatisfactions  and desires of change, a spiral in which someone else is already doing the work we would do. A  tour  on  this  merry-go-round  is  sufficient  to  remove  the  idea  of  work as  a  vocation  and  to swallow the corporate myth of the right person at the right place.