Senor o Senorito?

Senor o Senorito? by Cristina Piernas (Spain, 2015)

Biographical note of the author
Cristina Piernas was born in 1987 in Madrid. She Began her studies on “European Expert on Visuals and Window Dressing” and now she is working as Art Director in short film.

What if during a job interview someone asks a men all of those questions usually asked a woman – how about your marital status, maternity and work-life balance? The short moves from this paradoxical question to an ironical representation about the overturning of roles, giving a deep reflection about how much heavy is gender dimension in the workplaces.

To  have  condensed  within  an  ironic  and  brilliant  storytelling  many  problematics  related  to the  influence of gender on job. What would happen if during the job interview a man will be asked the same questions that are considered to be a norm for a woman? It seems this is the question that runs throughout the narrative of this short film that in a grotesque and satiric roles reversal, reveals a series of problems related to the link between gender and work. They vary  from  the  premise  and  promise  of  not  to  plan  other  children,  to  the  need  to  adopt  a certain type of dress code that might better satisfy male tastes, to finish then with the work -life balance needs.