Call of beauty

Call of beauty by Brenda Lien (Germany, 2010)

Biographical note of the author
Brenda Lien was born in Offenbach am Main, Germany in 1995, she works as an independent filmmaker and film music composer. She has been studying art with a focus on film and animation at the University of Art and Design Offenbach since 2012. In 2017 she is  selceted to the Berlinale Shorts competition with her film.

Two young women making videos for their Youtube channel, stuck in beauty-industryand product placement. A tyranny of clicks, likes and follower, a gamble with truths andauthenticities.

The short deals with the back office of a popular and new job: the youtuber/make up stylist. It shows how different it is from what we see on the net, passing through bright atmospheres and a back office made of darkness and effort, with a storytelling that shows this activities primarly as a work.