2023 Edition

10th edition

In the he tenth edition of SHORT on WORK, ten short films were selected (of the approximately 100 received) from which a winner and two special mentions were chosen.

The winner of the 2023 edition of SHORT on WORK was:

‘Bergie’, by Dian Weys (South Africa, 2022)
In this short movie, work is an opportunity to talk about human nature: heroism, cowardice and
respect meet on a street corner in South Africa. A powerful short story about the conflict between
“duty” and “morality” in the face of the homelessness drama. It describes, simply and effectively, a
brutal truth: the entertainment of the living first, and then the empathy with the dead.

Special mentions
byAdrien du Chouchet (France, 2023)
Nonsense is the perspective chosen to tell the ineptitude and sense of inadequacy of the young
protagonist of the story, as well as his apathy deriving from the absence of work. The transformation
into a mussel, disguised as a job opportunity capable of giving meaning to life, represents a tragic
exit from the world of work to shut in a ‘mother shell’.

by Aitor de Kintana (Spain, 2022)
This short movie is a fun and beautifully interpreted desecrating hyperbole, in which the candidate’s
main (and maybe only) skill is knowing the right people. A real problem shown in a linear, clean and
ironic way.

Other selected videos

Official Selection 2023

Award ceremony
31st May 2023, 18.00 (Italian time), Auditorium of the Marco Biagi Foundation
Largo Marco Biagi 10, Modena

18.00: welcome
by prof. Tommaso Fabbri, Short on Work Director
18.05 – 18.35
 Andrea Paco Mariani, filmmaker, converse with
Giulia Piscitelli (Short on Work)
Ivano Lollo (Voice Off Modena)
18.35 – 19.10
screeening and comment of a selection of short movies by 2023 edition of Short on Work
comments by
Francesca Druidi (redazione SenzaFiltro) 
Andrea Paco Mariani
Cristiano Regina (Voice Off Modena)
19.10 – 19.30 announcement of the winner

The event will be streamed live on the Marco Biagi Foundation’s Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/c/fondazionemarcobiagi

Participation is free of charge.