Four movements

Four movements by Raffaella Rivi (Italy, 2014)

Biographical note of the author
She graduated at the DAMS of Bologna (110/110) with a thesis on art and new technologies analyzing interactivity ‘and multisensory. she collaborates with Jolefilm (Backstage of “Sergeant” by Marco Paolini, filming for the movie “Who won ga?” Marco Paolini). She collaborates with Studio Two and Planet mountain to the creation of a web TV for the Trento Film Festival 2008-2009. She has been working in the field of video and multimedia. She also deals with the theater, dance, Storytelling and teaching.

Places of memory and present, water, fire, artisan wisdom: four are the “movements” that give life to the production of glassware Nason Moretti Murano, historical company of the Venetian territory.