Shift by Kristina Meiton (Sweden, 2014)

Biographical note of the author
Kristina Meiton was born in Sundsvall Sweden in 1972. She is a documentary film director and producer, additonally working as editor.

In a triptych, the work in a bakery, a factory, and for a truck driver are portrayed. The people who work shares a common concentration and a common time. There is also a monotonous part in their work they share, a rhythm and maybe also a feeling. With a poetic approach the film raises questions about the shared ideas and values linked to work. It also challenge thoughts about the time that goes by, that we spend working.

A multiple and simultaneous view on different and unconnected spaces and shifts; what are the common elements among a truck driver, a bottle factory and a bakery industry? An open question that the video represents  in an experimental way.