Il legno che canta

by Emilio Corradini, Bianca Chiarot and Nicolò Messori

Curriculum of the authors
Emilio Corradini graduated at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Science of Communications. He collaborated with the web magazine FORMIZINE realising interviews, editing videos and writing articles. He works at the marketing office of Euroscreen company in Modena.
Bianca Chiarot studies philosophy at the University of Bologna. She attends the National Academy of Cinema in Bologna, where she granted the certificate of participation to the course for directors and screenplay writers in 2010.
Also Nicolò Messori studies philosophy at the University of Bologna. He has collaborated with the web magazine “Love & Sound” interviewing many artists.

The documentary portrays a traditional, antique and little-known job: the lutist. The movie describes the life and the story of an artisan and expresses in a gentle form the passion for an ancient and solitary job.

The movie exalts the qualities inherent to the manual work conducted in artisans’ workshops. The passion of the artisan is illustrated with poetry and gentleness, giving a vision of the work founded on exchange and synergy.