Dreams From The Bin

Second place

by Antonella Deplano and Stefano Ricci

Curriculum of the authors
Antonella Deplano is expert in mass media. After her professional qualification, released by the “Accademia dell’Immagine” based in L’ Aquila, in 2010, she has been working on several projects as director.
Stefano Ricci is attending the Faculty of Fine Arts in L’ Aquila, his major subjects being graphic design and mass media project management. Since 2007 he has been working as video-operator and film editor in several projects.

This story narrates the life of an artist who works in Bilbao, where he crafts music instruments through the use of recycled materials. The authors have lived for a period and familiarized with the artist in order to be able to represent the creative atmosphere of his daily environment so to understand the set of emotions and motivations that drives this artist through his artistic path.

The creative and professional adventure of a sound technician. Thanks to the rhythm guaranteed by their original style of narration, the two authors have efficaciously realized a work “of innovation”, a truly creative and pedagogical art project. This story successfully deals with some important issues of the contemporary life: the relationships between manhood, nature and technology, but also between work and value.