by Piers Sanderson

Curriculum of the author
In 2005 Piers Sanderson began to study documentary film making at school. Since he graduated, in 2007, he moved to Italy though he continued to make films beneath Italian boundaries. Some of his short films were broadcasted on Italian channel Rai 5. Among other works, he had a 30 minutes documentary shown on Uk channel 4.

Big companies running major supermarkets have pushed small shops towards inevitable closures. As a consequence, people who work in agriculture and farm animals industries have been squeezed out of the market. The farmer represented in this film does not renounce to do his job simply because this is much more than a job for him, it’s his own way of life. In this film he thus presents the meaning of his work, while talking of his life, money and family. A moving portrait of one of the oldest professions in world history.