Art of living

by Raphaelle Ayach and Anne von Petersdorff

Curriculum of the authors
Anne von Petersdorff is currently completing her Master degree in Media and Culture Studies at the University of Flensburg. She also studied at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV at San Antonio de los Banos. During her years of training she has completed several short pieces and one of these gained the 3rd place at the KAUSA Media Competition (KAUSA is a German media initiative which focuses on media works dealing with immigration issues). She is currently working as a freelancer on projects for institutions like Ashoka (a Washington-based NGO) and for the World Policy Journal of New York.
Raphaelle Ayach is a French-American documentary filmmaker. After having studied Film Direction in Paris and having worked in film productions in Spain, she currently lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. She runs courses on dialogue facilitation and acts as a video graphic maker for the organisation of cultural events.

The authors aim at drafting a non-traditional definition of work, since they define it as a service rendered with discipline and dedication though on a voluntary basis, without the need of a salary as an incentive. The benefits of work do not need to be considered only from a monetary viewpoint; according to the authors, the workers’ self-satisfaction has to be regarded as their real leading mission.