The solitude of a startupper

Special Mention ‘Togetherness’ (in collaboration with Modena festivalFilosofia)

THE LONELINESS OF A STARTUPPER by Luca Bedini and Gabriele Veronesi

Biographical note of the authors

Luca Bedini: co-founder and producer of Pongofilms, a small Italian video production company. He has produced and filmed many spots for the web, for local and national broadcasters, as well as videos and films for various big Italian companies.

Gabriele Veronesi: freelance journalist and video maker, he has written and directed three documentaries: “Modena al cubo” (Modena to the third power) (2011) – “Fratture, storie dal sisma” (Fractures, stories from the earthquake) (2012) – “Emilia rossacuorenero” (Red Emilia black heart) (2012).


The documentary narrates the story of Jacopo and Nicola, two young Italian startuppers. Jacopo is the founder of Milkyway and deals with technological innovation applied to extreme sports: he has a family and has been able to hire 16 employees in a few months. Nicola is founder of Wpextreme, a web startup, and aims on reaching the Silicon Valley. Both entrepreneurs present their desires, the passion for their work, their fears and hopes for the future.


This film deserves to be awarded due to the original traits of the subject, but its value is mainly due to the innovative viewpoint through which the loneliness and the interior hardships of the entrepreneurs emerge as some ineliminable components which lead to innovate in job processes. This behavioral and psychological traits represent two inescapable conditions for exerting the work of creative professional and of entrepreneurial innovator. This documentary film recurs to the techniques of journalism for favouring the emergence of these traits, also thanks to the wise use of images and music.