Coworking in progress

Special Mention ‘Togetherness’ (in collaboration with Modena festivalFilosofia)

COWORKING IN PROGRESS by Luciano de Simone, Andrea Lazslo de Simone, Antonio Orria

Biographical note of the authors

Luciano de Simone: video-maker, director, expert in public and territorial communication. He has specialized in new media, visual communication, web, new technologies applied to public communication and cultural, social and territorial promotion;

Andrea Laszlo de Simone: film-maker, musician and composer. He has created sound tracks for films, documentaries and commercial spots. Between 2004 and 2009 he takes part in the production of various movies;

Antonio Orria: graduated in Italian Literature. As an actor, he has played in various works for theater and performances. He has co-directed and produced various musical video clips. He works as a freelance professional for Palmira Production, a Turin-based company which produces videos.


Coworking in progress is a reportage on coworking experiences. Although coworking represents an increasingly diffused form of work methodology, it is basically ignored by the media. Yet it represents a cultural and social revolutionary process, an alternative to traditional ways to the private initiative. The documentary shows how coworking has already become a consolidated form of work.


The best reason for the recognition of the prize to this film is attributable to its capacity of showing a way of working which is innovative under a multiplicity of organizational standpoints, making use of a variety of sources in the narration and of a highly appreciable style in the editing process. Coworking, as the name itself suggests, is a way of conceiving work in which the core of the activity is assigned to the relations between people. This film is able to present this upcoming way of working with a global look both to its theoretical as well as to its practical aspects.