Bonvini, Inscì and all the rest

Special Mention ‘Work and Human Capital’


Biographical note of the author

He has been working for TV productions as video editor since he was 22. Throughout these years he has perfectioned techniques for video and direction while realizing his independent works.


‘Bonvini Inscì e compagnia bela’ (Bonvini Inscì and all the rest) is a short documentary depicting the story of a traditional bookstore and typography, founded in 1902. Luigi Cambieri was its last worker, in a span of time included between the years 1955 and 2011. His father-in-law is the founder of the shop. At the end of his career, he evokes the story of the shop and of his family. His way of describing the techniques of production recalls the ceremonies of a religious practise or of an art which is about to disappear.


The main reason for the recognition of this prize depends on the capacity of representing the printer’s trade throughout its diachronic developments, highlighting the phases of its changes through the artisan’s words. The craftsman suggests the idea of a work in which the relation between the man and the machines is not limited to the utilitaristic use of the tools, but on the contrary it evolves into a sort of a spiritual unity of intents, an inextricable tangle of threads which is at the basis of his own life.