Words by

Special Mention ‘Work and Human Capital’

WORDS BY by Martyna Glawocka

Biographical note of the authors
Born in 1982 at Szczecin (Poland). Graduated in 2007 in Cultural Studies at the University of Lodz, she specialized in film and media. She has directed three documentaries: ‘Our Place’ (2012), ‘Good Work’ (2013) and ‘Words by’ (2013).

‘Words by’ is a film that describes a routine day in Tim’s life presented in his Library-Archive. The author follows some readers along the shelves of the library while they are choosing their books, with the aim of looking through their souls on the basis of their criteria of book selections.

JudgementThis film is valuable for the originality of its subject and for the brilliance of the representation of not just a mere place of goods exchange, but rather of a place of human relations exchange. Work is fully rendered as something more precious than a pure form of subsistence for the worker; it becomes moreover a tool for his social enrichment, a tool which facilitates the encounter between the “individual” and the “other”. Human capital is therefore the essential concept underlying the idea of work.