Where have the flowers gone?

Where have the flowers gone? by Sin-hong Chan  (China-Hong Kong, 2016)

Biographical note of the author
Sin-hong Chan is a animator and motion graphics designer based in Hong Kong. He is a BA Fine Art graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Afterward he has done different kinds of job likes reporter, programmer, video editor, designer, animator.

A piggy pursuing dream in the big factory but in reality all efforts seemed powerless and even kill himself. The concept is inspired by the classic movies of the silent era, Metropolis and Modern Time

In order to harmonize force and poetry in the narration of immense production machinery which swallows and crusches everything it comes into contact with. A striking and dark but at the same time delicate and poetic animated film, like the flower which accompanies the protagonist throughout the plot. The film describes the industrial revolution which has recently taken place in China leading to the disappearance of entire rural communities, the migration of the labour force into new jobs and anonymous habitations.