VARVILLA by Valerio Gnesini

Biographical note of the author
Valerio Gnesini took his first steps on a professional path as a photographer, and  since 2008  works in the film industry  with G. Rights, Manetti Bros, R. Deodato

At the door of the national park of the Tuscany-Emilia Apennines, in the Val D’Enza valley, the inhabitants have succeeded in rescuing the small hamlet from abandon thanks to the creation of a community cooperative, named “La Valle dei Cavalieri”. This cooperative operates a bar, an agritourism, a grocery shop, and it is also involved in tourism promotion, sheep raising, maintenance of the territory, and in the management of the visitor centre of the national park. It represents a unique example in the Italian context and even worldwide, so that the University of Osaka has decided to study it, affirming that such an example can also be found only in Australia.

The representation of a great example of the binomial relationship composed by market systems and human relations, the basis of the fundamental connection between economy and society. In the cooperative world of “Varvilla” people dedicate their own private time and their experiences at the disposal of their small mountainous society.[:]