Rough trade a permanent record

ROUGH TRADE A PERMANENT RECORD by Verrocchio Emiliano, Vecchi Ilaria e DeCollibus Mattia

Biographical note of the authors

Verrocchio Emiliano: he works as freelance photographer in Uk, Finland and Italy. In 1996 he graduated in Architecture from the University of Pescara.
Vecchi Ilaria: she graduated in Oriental Languages ​​from the Ca ‘Foscari University in Venice Afterwards, she got a master’s degree in Environment, Politics and Globalization at the King’s College, London University and a certificate as documentary filmmaker at the London Film Academy. She produces and directs documentaries on ethnographic, social and political issues and collaborating with other production companies on pre-production and post-production phases of video projects.

DeCollibus Mattia: he has gotten a master’s degree in production image released from the academy for the arts and sciences of the image in L’Aquila and has graduated in mass media at the same university.


In the late 1970s a young man came back from the US with a number of second hand vinyl records and opened the first independent record shop in West London. The small record shop became then a label. The label finally evolved into a major within the music production and distribution industry. This is the story of a little shop which became big, independent and famous and which continues keeping its authentic punk spirit that characterised the activity and its employees since the very first days.