Le Papier Japon

LE PAPIER JAPON by Manuel Peluso

Biographical note of the author
Student in Film and New Media, Manuel Peluso works as a filmmaker. Since 2014 is co-founder of MiraDoc, an educational project about  the media and the documentary.

A young father of Arles deals with the closure of the paper mill where he has worked for years. Thanks to some European funds, he decides to move to Japan with his whole family, in search of those papermaker masters that for centuries have been holding the knowledge of the manufacture of an ecological and durable sheet that can be used for several purposes. After a year of training, once back in France, he decided to settle in an old abandoned factory with his wife, and creates the first European laboratory that produces sheets of paper following the ancient Japanese method of nagashizuki. Awarded by UNESCO for being a 100% environmental friendly production, this small family business works today with the Van Gogh Foundation, the Vatican Library and different artists, and international designers; showing that the high quality of a handmade product can really make a difference.