Selezione ufficiale 2023

Pas Amoureux
di Eugénie Bouquet (Svizzera, 2022)
durata: 04:20
genere: Animazione
Two people are sitting on a bench in the Parc des Bastions in Geneva. One, Judith, is a sex worker who talks about her experience with disabled clients. The other one, me, is interviewing and recording her. An animated documentary about sex between people who are not in love.

di Aliocha Itovich, Guillaume Ducreux (Francia, 2022)
durata :9:16
genere: Fiction
A man, Fabrice Pauriche, goes to a job interview for a position in a bank. He is happy to apply for this job and believes in his chances, but faced with the lack of friendliness of the bank manager, Fabrice loses his means.

La Goutte de Champagne
Gautier Piton (Franciam 2023)
durata: 3:05
genere: Fiction
A not-so-talented magician tries to impress a groom, who is looking for someone to host his wedding celebration. Unfortunately, the illusionist has to deal with the unrealistic expectations of his future employer.

di Dian Weys (Sud Africa, 2022)
durata: 7:00
genere Fiction
A law enforcement officer has to remove people that are homeless in order to make way for a 10km fun-run.

di Bibiana Petrera, Monica Fibbi (Italia, 2022)
durata 00: 4:38
genere Animazione
Alberto presents Alexa the domestic artificial intelligence that answers all our questions, even the most uncomfortable ones… where does it come from, where is it produced and at what price for workers?

Lovely Rita
di Elena Madrid (Svizzera, 2022)
durata 04:10
The strict traffic policewoman Rita loves control and order in her workplace. That’s why she has drawn up a tight, rectangular road network. Through which she now guides the drivers through her geometric realm with precise instructions. But as more and more cars find their way into her narrow, taut network and it soon threatens to burst, Rita loses control in the traffic.

di Natalia Garrido (Belgio, 2021)
durata 7:52
genere Fiction
Paco arrives late to the office. with all the workload he has, he cannot imagine how he will be able to do it all. Fortunately, Rebeca, his colleague, is always there to listen, she understands him…A bittersweet portrait of some of today ‘s workplace.

di Aitor de Kintana (Spagna, 2022)
durata 8:28
genere Fiction
Eric is the director of a humble French language school and has been in charge of finding a new teacher for the last few days. So he is conducting a series of job interviews, but they are a mere formality because today Javier, the candidate with the best resume and unbeatable references for the job, is applying.

di Adrien du Chouchet (Francia, 2023)
durata 10:00
genere Fiction
Erné, un jeune homme paresseux et naïf, brise sa timidité pour se rendre à un étrange entretien d’embauche qui métamorphosera sa vie à tout jamais.

Personalized Futures
di Max Delfino (USA, 2023)
durata: 9:31
genere: Fiction
In a future in which a personalized algorithm decides which major students have to pick, Kate, an econ major with an artistic calling, is faced with the choice of trusting the system or trying to subvert it from within.