Biographical note of the authors

Jones Carolyn: has worked as author and director on several film and video formats, but is better known for her socially proactive photographic portraitures. She has traversed the globe to interview and photograph individuals who offer insight into experiences such as living with AIDS, the pains of adolescence and motherhood and the sacred art of care giving.

Synopsis If there were in the world 100 people, only 1 would be a health worker. With a population of 1.21 billion people, India’s ratio of health workers per 10000 citizens is incredibly even lower. However, NGOs in India are working to train citizens to enable them to work as health advisors and caregivers within their local communities. Rekha Bengarwa is one of those trainers and spends her days educating and taking care of her neighbours while helping to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as polio.

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