2017 Edition



1) Conditions for the Participation
The Contest is open to audiovisual works of not more than 10 minutes, coming from any country in the world, focused on the narration of contemporary work.
Videos may be submitted in any language.
Audiovisual works and music must be original or protected by copyright or otherwise acquired rights specifically.
In all cases the video shall be subtitled in English.

2)  Selection Procedure, Prizes and the Jury
The selection of video taking part in the Contest shall be carried out by the Contest Organizers, whose decision shall be final, and who inform authors in a timely manner. The Prizes shall be awarded by a Jury consisting of scholars and professionals operating in the audiovisual sector and dealing with work-related issues.
The prize for the best video on contemporary work is € 1.500,00 whereas the second prize is € 1.000,00.The amounts of the awards are to be considered before taxes.
The Jury reserves the right not to award any prizes.
The Contest Organizers reserve the right to propose Special Mentions, on the basis of recommendations of the members of the Jury, who shall be entitled to confer with external experts.

3)  Submission of Applications
1. All registrations must be done by Short Film Depot on the web site (http://www.shortfilmdepot.com)
2. Technical requirements:

PHOTOGRAPHY – Format JPG  – 300 dpi resolution

-Codec: avc1 H.264
-Codec: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC
-Costant Bitrate: 128kbps
-Channels: 2 (stereo)
-Sample Rate: 48KHz
Allowed extension: ‘.avi’, ‘.m4v’, ‘.mov’, ‘.mp4’, ‘.mpeg’, ‘.mpg’, ‘.wmv’
Max file size: 500 MB

b) The deadline for the competition is October 31st, 2017;
c) Participation in the Contest is free of charge;
d) Point of contact: 0039 059 2056060 – info@shortonwork.org

4) The Announcement of the winners
The Announcement of the winners of the Short on Work Contest is to be held in the the Marco Biagi Foundation on 15 December 2017. The Announcement of the winners is to be proceeded by the broadcast of a selection of video that take part in the Contest, and related initiatives on the production and use of videos as an instrument of interdisciplinary research on work.

4)  Utilization of the Video
The video directors, authors and proprietors of the rights to the video submitted for the Contest authorize the Contest Organizers to show the video in the context of SHORT on WORK Award Ceremony and related events.
In addition, they authorize the inclusion in a DVD or with USB flash drive of selected works from the Contest to be used for promotional purposes, for distribution in schools, universities, libraries and non-profit cultural centres.
Finally, they authorize the Contest Organizers to keep copy of the video in the Contest archive for teaching, research and promotional purposes, not limited to the Short on Work Contest, with the exclusion of any commercial use, in compliance with the rights of the authors and proprietors of the videos.
In order to favour the dissemination of the video, the video directors, authors and proprietors of the rights to the works authorize the Contest Organizers to include their video in the Youtube channel of SHORT on WORK and in the official website of SHORT on WORK.
If the submitted video cannot be published on the web for particular reasons, is necessary to write to info@shortonwork.org with the request not to use and publish the video specifying the motivation.
Participation in the Contest requires evidence of the full acceptance of the present Regulations.

Info and support
> Regulation (pdf format)
> e-mail: info@shortonwork.org